Mozambique’s Top Getaways For A Fun Filled And Relaxing Holiday Experience


Talk about Mozambique and the sunny skies with pristine beaches hit our minds in no time. The tropical country located in South Africa has a plenitude of fun filled experiences to offer. The developing country is growing into one of the favorite tropical holiday destinations for the global tourists who love to explore the nature while avoiding the hustle and bustle of renowned but crowded tropical destinations.

Mozambique and its cities are largely influenced and inspired by nature thus tourists will get to see little of modernization and most of the improvisation. Though the country counts under developing nations, it has the ability to cater all the needs of its valued tourists and residents both. Amidst various amazing spots to explore, there are three special towns in Mozambique that should be on every tourist’s checklist.

Let’s get a look at how to reach to these places and what to do once you step on the site :
1. Inhaca Island

Known for being the favorite rustic getaway for residents and tourists alike, Inhaca Island spell bounds everyone who visits the place for once and for all. Located adjacent to Maputo, the island is at a distance of 34 km approx. from the capital. The small islands that ooze out the charm of Portuguese culture can be reached by boats.

What makes the place most relaxing is that there are only a handful of lodges available across the beaches of Inhaca Island thus cutting down on crowd and keeping its clam and tranquility balanced. The place is known for its rich fauna and you might get a chance to see an awe inspiring bale of sea turtles, a pat of flamingos, and fun filled pelicans.

To enjoy the lush sea that lies ahead of the island, tourists can indulge in activities including scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, windsurfing, and deep sea fishing.

2. Ponto Do Ouro

The name originated from Portuguese language meaning ‘Point of Gold’, has nothing to do with the actual metal. But the time you spend here can actually count as earning the gold of memories and awe inspiring holiday experiences. Ponto Do Ouro is Mozambique’s most famous holiday town located to the south of the country thus making it more accessible to the other South African natives and tourists flying from the southern countries.

The city is at a distance of 10 km from South Africa and sees most tourists flocking to the town during Easter and in the month of December. To taste the lifestyle of the city to the fullest, explore the ocean, beaches, vegetation, local markets, cantinas, and beach bars and get the most relaxing and soothing holiday experience ever.

Deep sea fishing, whale and dolphin watching, scuba diving, and snorkeling are the famous activities to do in Ponto Do Ouro.

3. Inhambane

The name in itself fills the natives and tourists with an immense sense of holidaying as the city located 500 km north to Maputo has a lot to offer to its visitors.

Inhambane is also known as the tropical paradise of Mozambique and the crystal clean water outlined by sandy beaches are a must see in the city. The city is surrounded by beautiful palm trees thus adding to the holiday spirit. The city is accessible through flights and road ways and is best known for its local markets that tourists love to explore.

These were a few cities in Mozambique those offer a fun filled and relaxing holidaying in the country. To know more or book resorts, hotels or lodges, log into Casa Mozambique, Mozambique’s top real estate portal.

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