Top 5 Places To Visit in Mozambique


Mozambique, a Southern African Nation is blessed with the enormous beauty and laid back life. Its Traditions, rich culture, and vibrant lifestyle make it a must visit holiday destination.

Top 5 Places To Visit in Mozambique

May it be the beautiful islands or scenic beauty, nothing falls apart! Mozambique can be the most adventurous place to be explored. Mozambique has some wonderful destinations to make you go greedy and mark a visit soon!

1. Maputo - Being the capital city of Mozambique, Maputo is among the most fashionable and a must visit tourist spot in the country. Initially known as Lourenco Marques City, has developed the maximum tourist attraction and blended the serenity and happening flora and fauna in the city full of life. Maputo is known for its trendy nightlife along with the diverse suburbs and vibrant local lifestyle markets.

2. Matola - It’s the bordering city to the capital, it is separated by the Matola river running southwards. It’s the nation’s second most populated place. Being an important port for minerals and exports from Switzerland and South Africa it also has Petroleum Refineries which manufacture products like soap and agricultural products. A visit to Matola should always be in the list while planning for Mozambique!

3. Mozambique Island - Crescent shaped Mozambique Island plays a great role in East African Coastal life. It is quite limited in area, measures 3 Km in length and 500 m in width. The beautiful island will take you to a trip of some amazing historical buildings, masterpieces build in early 16th century and late 19th century. The beautiful architecture and thatched roof huts make it an experience worth a lifetime.

4. Tofo Beach - One of the very famous beaches in Mozambique, Tofo is a small town in the Southern Mozambique. It lies on the Indian Ocean coast, some adventurous activities may take you to the water thrills and a memorable journey to life. The adventures include Sea Safaris, Sea Diving, Snorkeling, Surfing and Horse Riding. Beach side cottages are there to make the most of your holiday with soothing experience far from the crowdie destinations!

5. Bilene -  It’s the perfect destination for those who are looking for a great relaxing time with the serene atmosphere and luxury accommodation. Bilene is a town located in southern Mozambique giving a vibrant essence of traditional restaurants, local markets and luxury resorts to comfort and unwind. It is famous for the tempting seafood and fresh prawns fry which may actually amaze and make the tourist go greedy.

The experience could be total wow, Mozambique will offer a club mix of nightlife, trends, serenity, peace and history! Go explore Mozambique your style!

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