Inhaca Island- The Heart of Mozambique


Inhaca Island, also known as Ilha de Inhaca is a stunning and peaceful oasis just 30 miles across the bay of Maputo. Relax, rejuvenate and choose the island for an amazing weekend break from the mainland. It’s a subtle, aloof place to get you some peaceful moments with family and friends.

Accommodations in Inhaca Island are comfortable for both ends of the budget, while it will be depending on the mode of travel you choose but, even the budget options are comfortable enough. It is advisable to choose a resort little away from the city hassle if you’re searching for some peace! In case you choose to go for some adventure, Inhaca will serve you some good options. Explore and enjoy the village like lifestyle and take a public ferry for a convenient travel.

Holidays in Inhaca Island can be fun, varied cuisines, fun activities, shopping arcades. Happening nightlife, offbeat resorts, and all day tours are capable of keeping you engaged enough!


See something your eyes would love!

Museum- Inhaca’s southwest edge is a marine- biology research station. A small museum is situated with specimens of local fauna.

Marine Reserve System- Since 1965, Inhaca and the surrounding waters have been protected as marine and forest reserves. It entails an entry ticket or included in the tour packages.


Restaurante Lucas is a local style restaurant and the only place to find various cuisines to eat at once. Though it’s little high on the price but, the seafood grills are delicious!

Day Tours 

Keep it thrilling and choose day tours for Inhaca excursion! It’s a beautiful island surrounded by Maputo Bay and the Indian Ocean. Known for its coral reefs and enticing flora and fauna. A popular destination amongst ecotourists and researchers. A day tour includes the morning pickup taking you to the boat transfers along with a light breakfast on the way. 

Enjoy the beach gateway and spend some quality time with family or friends. Lunch is generally a part of the package, right after that, you will be on the way back to Maputo with a stop at Portuguese Island. Tour ends in the evening bringing you back to the origin.


Choose the budget lodges on a friends trip, it can serve both economical and comfortable. While on a family vacation go for a mid-budget hotel or resort depending on your pocket allowance. In case of honeymooners, do not settle for anything less than an offbeat resort away from the city. Your purpose would serve you the best option!

Have a comfortable and delightful stay at Inhaca Island!

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