A Day Trip to Inhaca Island


An offbeat subtropical island of Mozambique off the East African Coast, Inhaca is surrounded by Maputo Bay and the Indian Ocean. Known for its coral reefs distinguishes it as a marine reserve and mesmerizing flora and fauna.

Holidays in Inhaca Island is always a good idea, being a popular destination amongst ecotourists and researchers, vast beauty to be found on the island that ranges from mangroves to grassy plains further to the beautifully cultivated fields. The lush sub-tropical forest on the island serves a home to a variety of tree species. Find different fish species and a varied range of birds flying by. Let the blue shining water calm your senses and rejuvenate your soul.

Planning a one-day tour to Inhaca Islands? Implement your idea with essential tips to keep in mind while traveling. Choose from the budget accommodations in Inhaca island if you wish to spend a night on the seaside. Every trip to Inhaca starts from nearly 8:30 in the morning, having different duration trips to choose from, opt for a 60-90 minutes trip by a speedboat if you like to spend time for snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters, enjoy a seafood lunch and stop for some history update at Marine Biology Museum.

Another attraction in the way is the adventure you indulge in! The flip-flop ride on a speedy boat makes you jump on the corals and make the most of a bumpy ride!

General inclusions make be the following (depending on the package you choose) –

  1. Light breakfast along with a drink 
  2. A seafood lunch
  3. The tour guide (if opted for additional charges)
  4. Fees to the harbor (if mentioned in the package details)
While you think of a travel to an island, do not forget your bag essentials-

  1. Hat/cap as it’s sunny in most cases
  2. Suntan lotion for obvious reasons 
  3. A jumper, in case you like to travel dry after a sea dive 
  4. A pack of shorts, you never know when you need to get inside the water even for fetching the boats
  5. A cloth to cover the hairs, it can be too windy
Go with the wind and swim through the oceans! Have an amazing trip and treat the diving opportunities as a once in a lifetime experience.

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