Cera Residence - The Modern Condominium


Mozambique is blessed with extremely beautiful flora and fauna. The serene surroundings and the authentic essence of nature are something which defines the country! Making it a perfect holiday spot, Mozambique has some great tourist destinations and thrilling adventure rides to make you go gaga with joy!

Not just this, Mozambique offers some great residences, places far away from the city noise and hassle. One of such properties is offered by Cera Residence, an exclusive place located in Maputo. It’s a new development in Mozambique, taking forward the living standards and the luxury quotient for the residence of Maputo and others for a great investment opportunity.
What’s so good about Cera Residence?

Cera Residence allows you to get access to the modern amenities and the facilities like never before. The modernly designed condominium, sophisticated architecture is located in city’s business, financial and entertainment districts. It has the smart building technology with advanced security and automation. Cera Residence includes the typology of T3 and penthouse flats. T3 units are 135 square meters and 155 square meters, the Penthouse units are 265 square meters and 305 square meters.

What facilities does it offer?

Cera Residence highlights the much-needed facilities and distinguishes itself from being an option!
  • Parking Area - Cera Residence has a parking garage for each residence in an apartment.
  • Air Conditioning System - For an excellent comfort, we provide air conditioning system in all rooms.
  • Smart Building and Security - Every detail of smart buildings, from their advanced automation systems to their heating, communications, energy efficiency, lighting and security systems is designed to ensure maximum levels of security and comfort. The presence of security cameras in the entrance, exit and in all floors of the building working 24 hours per day.
  • Fire Fighting System - Against fire risk availability of emergency exit, accessible from every residence.
  • Kitchen Electronic Appliances - Kitchen electronic appliances will be supplied by Cera Group. Kitchen electronic appliances will be first class and best brands.
Get the property you always dreamt of! Check out the best at Cera Residence.

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