Ponto Do Ouro – The City in Mozambique Showing Rapid Real Estate Development


The tropical paradise of Mozambique, city of Ponto Do Ouro is doing rounds in the news lately. The city is gaining popularity for its fast developing real estate infrastructures. Mozambique, a developing country located in Africa has been through a lot lately but now is determined to not look back on the ladder of success and development.

After gaining a funding from a PAN African organization, Mozambique has put all the money in the development of its real estate market. While the rapid changes can be seen on the skyline of the metro cities of the country, the smaller towns are also indulging in serious real estate business.

Getting back to Ponto Do Ouro, the city is renowned for its pristine white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. Located at a distance of mere 10 km from South African Border, the city sees abundant of travelers and tourists during peak holiday seasons. The fame and the eco-tourism of the country have led to a higher demand for accommodations in Ponto Do Ouro. To meet the demand of the travelers and locals for residential and commercial infrastructure, the real estate industry of the country has started developing several luxury and other types of properties.

In search of employment and business, many locals are reported shifting to cities like Ponto Do Ouro and earn a living by providing facilities and services to the tourists and travelers. This phenomenon has also boosted the number of new and old houses for sale in Ponto Do Ouro. With a growing economy, the middle wages earning group of the country is also showing their keen interest in real estate investments. Since investing in the real estate market seldom brings losses, people are investing in residential, commercial, and recreational properties.

Those who move to the city for a short time period are recorded choosing houses for rent in Ponto Do Ouro. Various tourists with long visa permits often prefer to stay in local accommodations over commercial ones to save money and indulge in the true colors of Mozambique.

The digital revolution in Mozambique is also taking place simultaneously as the real estate industry of the country is going digital. With the launch of Casa Mozambique, the online property portal, locals and tourists are finding it easier than ever to look for the best properties in Mozambique.

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