Ponta De Ouro – The Tropical Holiday Destination in Mozambique


Mozambique, the country known for its rich Portuguese culture and pristine beaches is doing rounds in the global news. With a niche for development, the country is offering endless opportunities to the investors and house buyers from worldwide.

With a multifold development phase, the country is achieving new goals while offering a plenitude of opportunities to the world on a global platform.

Maputo is the capital of the country and the currency used here is Metical. Facing the Indian Ocean, the country has a flamboyant tropical climate that is the reason for its perfect holiday weather.

As compared to other developed nations, Mozambique is visited by a very less number of tourists making it one of the best places to spend some quality time while relaxing on the beaches with less crowd. Tourism is one of the major industries in Mozambique and supports its economy while offering a lifetime experience to the travelers.

There are various cities in Mozambique where tourists can enjoy their vacations by seaside enjoying the Sun and the cool breezes from the sea. Tofo Beach, Inhambane, Inhaca Island, and Ponta Do Ouro are a few sights which are gaining popularity among budget travelers the most.

Travelling to Mozambique and its beaches is very budget friendly as it provides the same sea and sun experiences loaded with water adventures those can be enjoyed without burning holes in your pockets.

Taking in consideration the golden city of the country, Ponta De Ouro, it is one of the most traveled cities in Mozambique which travelers love to explore. The beaches of Ponta De Ouro, meaning Point of Gold, glimmers during the sunset and the sight spellbound the tourists while they enjoy the best holidays in Mozambique.

The city offers a purely natural and nature inspired atmosphere which is loved by tourists the most. The open air markets of Ponta De Ouro offer scrumptious foods and other things manufactured by the locals. The rustic restaurants on the beaches are known for their traditional cuisines and the local beverages are the real thing.

Those seeking for an adrenaline rush will get plenty of options to explore while their stay in the city. The water adventures including scuba diving, snorkeling, whale and dolphin watching, and deep sea fishing should be on the to-do list of those seeking to make the most of their stay in Ponta De Ouro.

With its real estate industry booming, Mozambique is growing into a real estate hotspot for the home buyers and real estate investors from all across the globe. People planning to have their own holiday homes on beaches and sea shores are happy to find Houses for sale in Ponta De Ouro.

The city offers spacious and lush residential properties built with the utmost focus on meeting the global lifestyle norms. As above said, the city often makes its tourists not wanting to leave the beautiful city. Thus people planning to stay a bit longer in the town can book houses for rent in Ponta De Ouro and enjoy a hassle free and purely native lifestyle.

Looking for a residential or commercial property in Mozambique was never so easy, but now you can plan your stay even before landing onto the grounds of the magnificent country. Casa Mozambique, an online real estate portal is a platform where people can buy or rent property in Mozambique without even going there. Just a few clicks over your desktop, tablet, or smartphone, and you are all good to go to enjoy a breathtaking vacation in the serene landscapes of Mozambique.

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