CasaMozambique : Taking Real Estate Market to an All New Level


Mozambique is a tropical country blessed with unmatched weather conditions and rich Portuguese culture. Located on the continent of Africa, the country is in the peak era of its development. 

After travel and tourism, now Real Estate market is taking the country’s economy to higher levels. shifting the entire focus to the real estate industry of Mozambique, it has recently received an impressive amount of funding to develop its real estate industry that meets the global standards of lifestyle, commerce, and safety.

In the growth and development of Mozambique, the internet is playing a key role and when we mention the internet, we mean Casa Mozambique. It is an online real estate web portal designed and developed to meet various real estate and related domains. Since the internet speed can really pull you back at times, the developers have designed the website in a way to consume least of the space on your device while providing a plethora of information with even meek internet facilities. Casa Mozambique has been acting as an easy to reach platform for property buyers and sellers.

CasaMozambique offers several salient features those are readily available at just a click of a button :
  • Property Listings : The most important and highlighted feature of the website is that acts as a platform for real estate buyers, sellers, and brokers for the property in Mozambique from all across the globe. Buyers can browse and choose from a wide range of listings posted by the property owners and brokers and contact them directly in case they want to buy or rent the selected property. As easy as that! By this way, people looking for properties to buy or rent in Mozambique can explore a wide range of listings using their desktops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Home Loan : First thing first, so here we go! You need to buy a house but need a home loan to continue with the purchase and you are totally clueless about where to start! Ok, Casa Mozambique has got your back on this one as its loan calculator feature calculates the approximate amount of loan that you might need to purchase the shortlisted property. Using this tool, people can also calculate the EMI and rate of interest above the principal amount that they will be liable to pay in the suggested amount of time. Second, the web portal has collaborated with some of the renowned banks to provide an easy home loan in Mozambique to the potential property buyers. So, all your monetary problems for real estate will be solved in just a few clicks.
  • Home Insurance : People love their assets as much as they love their houses. A home insurance is an insurance which covers the protection plans for all valuable present in a home owned by the owner/ tenant including electronic goods, precious jewelry, antiques, clothes, and furniture to name a few. In the case of man-made or natural hazards, these home insurance services help us cover the loss by providing financial help. Though different firms have different policies for their home insurance policies, people must go through and inspect the documents carefully before signing in. Casa Mozambique has joined hands with some of the prominent home insurance service providers in Mozambique and people can avail the benefits by registering themselves with the portal. With an expert panel team, the applicant gets the best advice for choosing the appropriate home insurance services.
  • Packers and Movers : Moving your heart from one house to another is not a difficult task but moving your belongings from one place to another is! Packing the household articles with utmost care and precision and sorting them in order is really an art. If you are good at it, then we appreciate your skills but if you are not then you can just leave it on Casa Mozambique’s partner home movers in Mozambique. There is a wide list of home movers available on the website and you can choose one that suits your budget and requirements perfectly.
  • Explore the neighborhoods : whether you are a citizen or a foreigner planning to move in any of the cities or suburbs of Mozambique, you can now explore the neighborhoods of the place online by landing onto Casa Mozambique. The website provides the information about famous and most searched neighborhoods including the details about the availability of basic amenities, local and supermarkets, schools, colleges and hospitals in the vicinities, recreational activities and much more. So next time you want to explore any neighborhood in Mozambique, just log in to the Casa Mozambique and start exploring without stepping out of your comfort zone.
Casa Mozambique is revolutionizing the real estate industry of Mozambique. It is providing an opportunity to the locals to walk hand in hand with the rest of the world by providing them with a marketing platform available at the fingertips.

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