Maputo Beach Front : Changing The Skyline of Mozambique's Capital


Mozambique, the country located off the Indian Ocean coast in the continent of Africa is doing rounds in the global real estate news as it opens its horizons in its real estate industry. The developing country offers a perfect tropical weather amidst a rich Portuguese culture and being rich in several natural resources, the country has managed to grab an eye of people from all across the globe.

Maputo Beach Front - Casamozambique

In trend is the real estate industry of the country as it has now picked the pace towards developing its brick and mortar sector to give a rapid boost to its economy. Maputo, Mozambique’s capital is undergoing the fastest changes and these changes can be noticed on its improved skyline.

The high rises have taken over the developing capital and these include apartments for sale in Maputo ranging from mediocre to super luxury homes. The developments are constructed while keeping in mind the need of ample space and sufficient parking for each unit holder. At present, Maputo beach front properties are the most popular of all as it is located in the capital and thus offers a wide range of amenities and global exposure to its residents.

One of the notable developments taking place in the capital at present is ‘Maputo Beach Front’. The condominiums are constructed with all modern and luxury amenities to meet the global standards of luxury lifestyles. The condominium is located on the beach making it one of the best beach front property in Maputo.

Following are a few highlights of the ‘Maputo Beach Front’ project in Maputo :
  • Air Condition : The condominium offers luxury units with centralized air conditioning systems to ease the lifestyles of the buyers. This also assures a uniform temperature in the units that can be adjusted with just push of a button.
  • Furnishings : The world class luxury furnishings complement the units while adding to the luxury.
  • Kids’ Club : Now your kids won’t get bored anymore as the kids’ club in the condominium will keep them all occupied and safe while providing them with a good opportunity to learn and play.
  • Security : The multi-tier security assures a safe and peaceful living experience.
  • Swimming Pool : Get ample time to relax and stay fit with a classic luxury swimming pool where you can enjoy the best swimming experience.
  • Garden : The place where your mind finds peace and body find good health.
  • Parking : Maputo Beach Front offers an amazing opportunity for those who have a knack for the steel on wheels. The project offers ample parking space for 3 or more vehicles per unit.
  • Servant quarters and balcony : Now you do not need to find a secondary accommodation for your domestic help as you can provide them with a comfortable room inside your house.
Maputo Beach Front is selling its units fast and everyone is rushing to grab one. For more details about the project, visit Casa Mozambique, a leading real estate portal where you can meet all your property needs.

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