Top Attractions for A Holiday in Inhaca Island


Inhaca Island, the chunk of Mozambican coastline lies about 40km offshore from Maputo. Termed as the most enjoyable weekend gateway. With the beautiful sea view along with the perfect weather conditions to enjoy your weekend relaxing in the lap of sand or planning an adventure ride with your friends.

Apart from just holidays in Inhaca Island, it’s also an important marine research centre, known specifically for its coral reefs. The reefs are among the most southerly in the world and since 1976 parts of island and surrounding waters have been designated a marine reserve.

Interestingly, there are over 300 species of bird which have also been recorded on the island, while you are quite busy and indulged in work and daily routine, it is an extra perk to get the nature’s serenity seen everywhere in the flora and fauna. With the beautiful surroundings, there are certain must visit places which are ought to visit once you think of Inhaca Island.

Attractions for a holiday in Inhaca Island :

  • Portuguese Island - At the distance of just 2km, lies a very popular island Ilha dos Portuguese. Earlier named as Elephant Island, is centrally located on Inhaca Island. Having beautiful beaches, shallow waters and a stunning lagoon.
  • Inhaca Island Lighthouse - Located at the northern tip of Inhaca Island, the lighthouse will take you to a different journey of the island. Experience trekking and reach at the top of the lighthouse to see a wider view of the island and the ocean.
  • Deep sea fishing - Excitement overloaded! The deep sea fishermen will love to hear that one of the world’s best big game fishing is found here. A well-equipped fishing boat will accompany you to the high seas for an experience like never before.
  • World Class Diving site - The amazing water sites makes Mozambique a world class diving site! Meet the coral life while you dive in to the sea world.
  • Accommodation - Resorts in Inhaca Island is another point to visit for a weekend gateway! Inhaca lodge resort, one of the best of its kind offers inhouse facilities including a salt water swimming pool, a games room, a video room. Table tennis and a tennis court for fun.
Enjoy the best of your holidays in Inhaca Island, relax, rejuvenate and enjoy!

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