Holiday in Pemba : An Exotic Experience


Holidays are just a gateway to relaxation! Some time out for breaking the routine life regime. While thinking for relaxation, beaches could be the best option, how about a relaxing resort on the sea shore with a glass of red wine in hand? Quite tempting isn’t it

Mozambique being one of the most loved spot for a beach friendly holiday, have a wide variety of beautiful islands. Pemba is one of the handpicked islands for a trip to paradise!

The lazy waves touching your feet, raw beauty of the sun kissed island and the personified aura may take you away to a different world of peace and serenity!

However, Pemba has a set of activities to be done :

  • Diving and snorkeling : With a vast coastline of 425 km. Pemba’s biggest attraction is undoubtedly its diving and snorkeling. An exceptional place to see a wide variety of multi coloured marine life. The coral reefs make it a bit tricky to swim off, they in turn makes it interesting for dives. While, diving schools are all operational in the area it can be easy to try and experiment with water sports activity.
  • Fishing : Fishing is another activity which can actually make you busy all day round! While enjoying the gentle ocean, sit at the corner and start exploring the fish varieties. The tropical weather and the perfect fishing conditions are an extra advantage to go fishing.
  • Sightseeing : Wishing to explore something else apart from the oceans? Here you go! Pemba have some expansive ocean vistas and the colonial Portuguese architecture is something worth a visit! Some must visit places include Slave Trade Fort at Ponta Romero Lighthouse. It serves as a lookout point for the visitors.
  • Quirimbas National Park : Quirimbas National Park is a protected area in the Cabo Delgado Province of Mozambique. The wide variety of indigenous flora and fauna and the beaches which work as one of the borders of the park. You may even catch a glimpse of the curious creatures; it is surely a special place on the northern coast of Mozambique!
  • Reclining along with pool : With some amazing resorts on the sea shore, lie down along the pool and experience the refreshing waves of the water surrounded island. The exotic experience multiplies its relaxation quotient once you drop in to the indulging experience. Take your favourite novel, wear a hat and get going relaxing!
Have a chilling holidays in Mozambique and unwind your bright side!

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