Tofo Beach : An Exotic Place to be in Mozambique


Among the most exotic places to visit in Mozambique, Tofo beach tops the list! Praia Do Tofo is a small beach town situated on the eastern coastline of Inhambane, it’s just a short drive away the city centre. There are varieties of activities to be done in the beach town including snorkeling & scuba diving, the most interesting ones!

It has been described as "the next Goa", and while this may be pushing it a bit, Tofo has definitely become a traveller's focus on the Eastern coast of Africa. The reasons are not hard to discern: beautiful stretches of beach, a friendly laid-back vibe, a small but pumping nightlife, great diving and snorkeling and a few good restaurants.

Some budget friendly restaurants with the best food in town are :
  • Fatima’s Nest
  • Banboozi Bagpackers
  • Turtle Cove
  • Mozambeat
  • Mango Beach
Going around Tofo does not need a vehicle! It is quite a small area to be covered, you can even walk through the town and experience the freshness all around.

Tofo and surrounds have some truly excellent diving, with nice reefs and excellent large marine life. Whale sharks and Humpback Whales in season, reef sharks and much more to explore! Many professional divers make it safe with their presence to let you enjoy to the fullest! Holidays in Tofo Beach is an amazing idea when thought for a relaxing vacation with a pinch of adventure.

Apart from just enjoying on the coastline, one can even think of good accommodations on tofo beach to enjoy each bit of the holidays. Some worth to stay house and resort for rent in Mozambique can make your stay peaceful and relaxing!

Have an amazing vacation in Mozambique, where fun never sets off!

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