Beira- A beautiful city in Mozambique


Beira is the second largest city in Mozambique, capital of Sofala Province. The city which was once a playground for the white and rich Rhodesians is now the main attraction for the tourist, people will discover a beautiful but crumbling city by the sea with great food and hospitality.

The city has not much to be explored but, people searching for a relaxing place for peace of mind and getting into the holiday feel, Beira is the place to stay in! Apart from the peace all around, you can indulge yourself in the fun and frolic and adventure activities.

Places to visit in Beira :

Beira is known for the regional activities, vibrant lifestyle, the diverse culture and colonial architecture. The beautiful city stands out when it comes to scenic beauty.

  • Macuti Lighthouse and Shipwreck -  A worth visiting place, Macuti Lighthouse and Shipwreck not just looks like a historic place to visit but a great place to enjoy the beach winds with nearby restaurants to enjoy the dishes.
  • Beira Cathedral - It is an excellent place for any folk looking for a bit of culture. Apart from what you can see, experience and do in Beira you can explore the lovely surroundings as well. Rio Maria beach, Savane, Nhangau, Sengo all in less than an hour driving from Beira.
  • Club Nautico -  The colonial-era swimming and social club is a popular waterside hangout, some amazing dishes and a relaxing beachside experience is enough to make you go easy.
  • Nhumba Yathu - Parked on Macuti Beach with a terrace overlooking the lighthouse and shipwreck, Nhumba specialises in seafood, selling grouper by the kilo and serving up cooked fishes. Choose an outdoor site to sit and enjoy the environment with the beach waves.
  • Cafe Riviera - Heading towards the old-world-street side café for caffeine Portuguese style of bolo, experience the fun of Café Riviera offering chicken and samosas in an African colonial atmosphere that will make you feel as your just into your dream destination.
Apart from the relaxing destination and a peace filled city, you would love to stay there too! Having a wide variety of apartments for rent in Beira and the houses for sale in Beira, the experience will take you to the next level! Have a relaxing holiday!

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