Top 5 Things To Do in Vilanculos


Being the resident of big cities, you must have sometime tempt for a secret desire of a laid back lifestyle. It is always a treat to get relaxed and enjoy the calm environment around. From the various relaxing destinations, Mozambique’s tropical village Vilanculos is one of the way out to calm your senses.

The village is the attraction to the southern tourism circuit. The lovely nearby beaches and the calm flora & fauna makes the place stand out. Vilanculos is a must visit, why? There is a lot what can be done in the small town.

  • Scuba Diving - Get the experience of Scuba diving at one of the best diving sites in the world. Witness wonderful marine life such as hump back whale, whale sharks, turtles, spotted eagle rays, dolphins which can be spotted in the crystal clear water
  • Deep Sea Fishing - Somewhere between the months of October and February, the changes for fishing is just the best. the islands are well known as the best fishing spots for Black Marlin in the eastern part of the Indian Ocean. Various species of Tuna are also found in these waters.
  • Dhow Safari - Apart from those tiring activities, there is yet another activity to relax you to the fullest. Sit back and enjoy the safari while the chef serves an amazing dish for you. The beautiful surroundings will take you a journey of nature all around
  • Horse Riding - How about a jumping ride on horse? Put on your riding shoes, grab the back of the horse and initiate a journey through the waters of the islands. Enjoy day ride and guided trails which quite suitable if you are not well versed with horse riding
  • Sea Kayaking - You like to ride your boat alone? Here you go! Float all around the island and visualize the clean water experience. See the abundant sea species of fish and coral life that thrives below you in these protected reefs.
With the experience so wide, Vilanculos has a lot to be explored! Not just winding up till the coral marne life and the exciting beach activities, some superb delicacies and the small shopping markets makes the experience far more enjoyable and easy going.

Enjoy the smooth lifestyle of Vilanculos, pay a visit and experience a rejuvenated aura of natural surroundings.

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