Growth and Development in Mozambique – A Brief Introduction


Right after the end of civil war in Mozambique, the countrymen united to boost the development and growth of the country. With so many targets to achieve and help fight hunger and poverty, Mozambique had the boon of a perfect tropical environment that gave it the back for its major economic industry, the tourism. But, lack of resources and infrastructure had held the perfect holiday destination unknown from majority of the world.

Growth and Development in Mozambique

Today, Mozambique is a completely different country as compared to what it was earlier. It now has a name among the people bit by the travel bugs. It is one of the most awe-inspiring destinations to spend a perfect tropical holiday. The pristine white sand beaches and turquoise waters splashing from Indian Ocean has made the place quite famous among travelers. People often come to Mozambique and then extend the duration of their stay as leaving the beauty and the bliss gets too hard for them.

After receiving a massive funding from a PAN African company, Mozambique has invested these $110 million towards the development of its real estate sector. It has also grabbed the attention of property buyers in and around Mozambique as well as other investors across the globe. Experts suggest that the country will soon become a busy hub as many MNCs are planning to invest in the country because of the availability of abundant human resources and promising future returns. The change in the skyline of the country could be seen already as the major cities of the country are now lined up with shimmering skyscrapers.

Not mere the real estate or tourism, the availability of rich minerals and natural resources including coal, oil, and natural gases etc., have also given great trade opportunities to Mozambique. There is a notable change in the rise of GDP of the country.

In a nutshell, Mozambique’s slow but ongoing development spree is expected to boost the country’s economy and make it enter the list of other rapidly developing countries across the globe. The country is also adapting to global lifestyle and other changes which will make it more attractive for the tourists and foreigners looking up for an employment or business opportunity in Mozambique. 

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