The Major Economic Cities Behind Mozambique’s Rapid Development


After struggling through a long period of civil war, Mozambique is now a free country with managed governance but the prolonged war has slowed down the economy of the country.

The major industry that has held the back of the economy of the country is tourism and after receiving funding from a PAN African organization, Mozambique has divided its focus equally to the real estate industry as well. The skyline of the country can be seen changing rapidly as the sky rises and world class architecture covers the parts of the cities of Mozambique.

Famous for its beautiful natural surroundings and perfect tropical climate, Mozambique is favorite among travellers who love to enjoy their vacations in extreme peace and tranquility. Mozambique is also rich in natural and human resources which also contributes to the economy of the country. There are various cities in the country which are gaining popularity among the investors and businesses from all across the globe.

Among these, two cities are doing great rounds among investors and travellers alike :

Belo Horizonte

Located at the south of Maputo, Belo Horizonte is known as the city of riches in Mozambique. The city is inhabited by politicians, businessmen, and others making the place one of the priciest and desirable. The place often gets to see a number of travellers and tourists looking forward to classic and premium accommodation in Mozambique. There are houses for rent in Belo Horizonte which can be availed easily but with a hefty price tag. The growing real estate market has now provided plenty of apartments for rent in Belo Horizonte. These apartments provide spacious rooms, Private lawns, and all basic amenities nearby the accommodation.


Known as the transportation lifeline of the country, Nampula is home to the major rail and road transportation of the country. A majority of tourists fly to Nampula to buy some precious stones and earn great profits in granite trade. The growing popularity of the city has attracted various property buyers in the country as well as across the globe. There is a wide range of property for sale in Nampula which can be accessed through Casa Mozambique, the well-established property portal of Mozambique. For tourists looking forward to short stays, they can opt for any property for rent in Nampula.

The popularity of the country is growing and so is the economy of Mozambique. Experts suggest that investing in Nampula and its trade sectors can bring great returns in coming years.

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