Ponta De Ouro - The Point of Gold to Explore Nature at Its Best


Winters are almost here and I know some of you are too dreaded to face that winter depression syndrome. This season, do not let the malicious emotions spoil your precious time, instead plan a vacation to a calm and beautiful tropical island. 

If Miami, Seychelles, Maldives, and Bali sound too expensive for you to travel, then choosing a fresh and crisp destination might make your heads spin. To help you with choosing a perfect destination, we suggest a trip to Mozambique, a country located adjacent to South Africa and faces the mighty Indian Ocean.

The country is full of adventures and beautiful beaches. The best tropical climate of Mozambique leaves its travelers spellbound and mesmerized. There are various cities and towns in Mozambique those are worth travelling by short flights and roads. Though a few roads might give you a bad backache, some of the roads are developed just to enjoy the perfect view and road trips that you might have been longing since long.

Maputo is the capital of Mozambique and there are cities with spectacular resorts in Ponta De Ouro, Inhambane, Tofo Beach, and Bilene where you can explore the nature at its best. If you are not much of an explorer and want to spend your vacation relaxing on the beach, then Ponta De Ouro makes just the perfect destination for you.

Located at mere 10km of South African Border, Ponta De Ouro becomes the favorite holiday destination for tourists hailing from SA and other parts of the globe, especially during Easter and December. The city has obtained its name from the tale when the Portuguese explorers mistook the island as full of gold and upon arrival found nothing but sand gleaming in the golden sun.

Ponta De Ouro, in other terms, is really a point of gold as travelers and residents find this place equally tranquil. To get a picture perfect beach experience, you can plan your stay in any of the various available accommodations in Ponta De Ouro. The real estate market of Mozambique is booming and at this point of time, tourists can choose from a wide range of accommodations those will be at par with their budgets. To add more life to your vacation, you can enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, whale watching, surfing, and kayaking in the deep blue sea. The

If you ever fell in too much of love with the city and plan to move here forever, then you can easily buy your own house and call it heaven. There is a wide range of houses for sale in Ponta De Ouro and you can explore them online at the property portal Casa Mozambique. The property portal can be accessed globally and anyone can buy a house in Mozambique with the help of the website and the detailed information available on the system.

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