Plan A Rendezvous with Tofo Beach and Treasure Unforgettable Beach Memories


If you too are tired of your routine life and thinking of taking a break worth living for, then Tofo Beach located in Mozambique is your destination to go. The small beach located on the coastline of Inhambane city, Mozambique offers a great tropical experience with ample of memories to treasure. 

The country located in the peninsular region of South Africa is in its peak developing phase and with tourism being its biggest win, you are assured to have a great time here. Tofo beach is easily accessible by roads from Maputo, the capital of Mozambique. Holidays in Tofo Beach is one of the best plans if you take too much of time to make a choice.

Check-out the list of top things to do in Mozambique :


Mozambique is the land of rich Portuguese culture along with various other local and European cultures being an impeccable part of the country as a whole. The locals are very enthusiastic and greet tourists as their special guests. Talking about the food, at Tofo Beach you will find one of the most delicious cuisines of Africa. The biggest hit of the coastal area is the Peri-Peri Prawns which are caught fresh from the sea every early morning. To go with the scrumptious meal, the locals suggest famous 2M beer, the specialty of Mozambique to make the meal worth remembering.

Water Sports

If you have a thing for the big mighty sea, then Tofo Beach has loads of surprises for you in the store. The locals and tourists often hail to the beach and enjoy adventurous and breathtaking water sports including Scuba Diving, Sea Surfing, Whale Watching, Deep Sea Fishing, and Snorkeling. All the sports are performed under the surveillance of experts, lifeguards, and coast guards. The underwater sports of Mozambique are unique and you can enjoy it for as many days by taking an accommodation in Tofo Beach.


All the hotels and resorts in Tofo Beach are inspired by nature and offer one of the best hospitality services in Mozambique. Those travelling with big groups of friends and family or those looking for some extra privacy can even book entire resorts for rent in Tofo Beach. There are services like spa, meditation centers, and other relaxing services available in these hotels and resorts.

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