Inhaca Island- A must visit island in Maputo Bay


Just 30 miles out in the Maputo Bay, lies a wonderful retreat- Inhaca Island. The place is surely not worth missing at all if you’re out for Maputo, it is a natural paradise of breathtaking beaches and coral reefs, away from the mainland. You can easily reach this stunning island via plane or ferry and find distinguished accommodations suitable for any budget. Midst the raw beauty of white sand beaches, tropical birds, and marine life, the accommodations in Inhaca Island are surely the first choice for divers and snorkelers in Maputo.

Those who’re fond of adventurous holidays, or find pleasure in exploring village-like-lifestyle, can stay in a family-run lodge, while those who love luxury, can go for 5-star resorts in Inhaca Island. Some wonderful accommodation offerings are also available on the island for budget travelers, for this, you just need to show the inquiry skills to get the best campsites or backpackers.

The island is segregated into six major settlements:

  • Inhaca- the western shore town
  • Villages- Iguane, Nhaquene, Ridjeni and Tobia, and Ponta Punduine
  • Ponta Torres the southeastern part of the mainland 

Inhaca Island is a sheltered gateway flooded with yachts, sailboats and cruise ships all around, that fascinates tourists to seek out a tropical break in the crystal waters from the busier cities. These boats also carry some really good options for food, snacks, and drinks, so if you get hungry on your way to Inhaca Island, don’t worry, you won’t get starve! To add some more excitement to your boat journey, let’s reveal that you get a chance to step out and enjoy the sea air in the middle of the channel.

The instant you reach the warm waters and soft sand of the shallow bay, you can see alluring starfishes, Inhaca being an important Marine Research Center, most popular for its offshore coral reefs. Incase you get tired of lounging around, you have a good option to visit the museum of natural history and the marine research station, located on the south side of the island.

Populated by not more than roughly 6000 people, majorly surviving on agriculture and fishing, Inhaca Island is certainly a popular winter destination among South African tourists. Resorts in Inhaca Island and accommodations in Inhaca Island are becoming the next big business points for builders and developers in Maputo.

The divine beauty of the Inhaca Island is surely going to call you back for more and change your mindset about the usual beach breaks!

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