Holidays in Tofo Beach: The Myth-Prone Paradise


Mozambique is sometimes rumored to be one of the difficult to reach and dangerous tourist spots, and thus, is rarely found on anyone’s ‘places to visit list’. Though long bus traveling can be somewhat exhausting, I assure you that once you visit the place, the exceptional beauty is going to get your mind and soul awestruck in literally no time. In the southeastern Mozambique lies a coastal town, Tofo, a unique amalgamation of economical, uncrowded, and heavenly beauty.

The beautiful town is surrounded by curved Tofo Beach, walled by nearby eye-catchy coral reefs, making people from Mozambique as well as all across the world to spend Holidays in Tofo Beach. Here’s a list of what has Tofo Beach got to endow you with when you visit for a vacation next time:
  • Whale shark viewing and diving, best to visit: October – March
  • Humpback whale viewing and diving, best to visit: June – October
  • Manta ray viewing and diving, visit anytime all year round
  • Scuba diving, snorkeling and water sports, throughout the year
  • Surfing, fishing, sunbathing and swimming, horseback riding tours, and scenic routes
  • Fishing from boat or from shore, with charting companies or a hired boat, you must have a license for that 
  • Parties and festivities on the beach, visit from October to December to get the most of it
So, you’re thinking of easy and comfy accommodation options now, obviously, it is! To lessen your apprehensions for Accommodations in Tofo Beach, let me tell you about the copious and diverse options available, ranging from economical and usual backpacker lodges to luxury hotels and resorts. No matter if you’re traveling with your better half, friends, families, or even colleagues, Tofo Beach offers you a selection of various self-catering cottages, beach huts, campsites, and bamboo bungalows, spread throughout Tofinho Beach.

Most people prefer spending their holidays in Tofo Beach during the summer season between October and December, particularly for this span being school holidays for many regions within the southern hemisphere.

With a small, yet fascinating market, a huge number of wonderful bars and restaurants, a few exciting diving centers, surf shops, cafes, and comfy and cheap accommodations in Tofo Beach, Tofo is now getting reckoned as a place to visit for the most unsurpassed scuba diving experience in the world.
No wonder, it’s soon to be getting in your ‘places to visit list’ too!

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