Top 5 things to do in Ponta do Ouro


One of the most popular vacation spots in Mozambique, Ponta Do Ouro is a gorgeous, beachy, relaxing destination in which to let your hair down during a long weekend. Of course, you can just do nothing there, if you wish to, but if you’re at all interested in marine life, water sports, nature or socializing, there’s plenty to keep you occupied.

What’s so exciting? It’s the marine life and the laid back Resort in Ponta do Ouro which fetch the most relaxing weekend gateway! Here are the top 5 attractions:

1. Swim with the Dolphins 

There are other places in the world where you can swim with dolphins, but Ponta does Ouro‘s dolphin tours stand out as being firstly more personalized and secondly more aware of conservation. The companies that run the trips have built up a ten-year relationship with the 250 resident dolphins in the area, meaning that they are particularly sensitive to the animal’s behavioral patterns and can easily identify when the best time is to get in the water.

2. Enjoy a beach walk 

If you’re a set back wanderer and aren’t really a diver and a bit nervous when it comes to the sea, you can enjoy walking along the white sandy beach. Taking in fresh sea air while walking along a beautiful beach is always a relaxing way to spend an afternoon and you can walk pretty far (in both directions) admiring the clear blue waters and possibly be lucky to spot a few dolphins or a whale along the way.

3. Shop for fun 

While you’re in Mozambique don’t forget to bring back some souvenirs for those unfortunate friends and family members who got left behind while you were on holiday. While it’s definitely not a Sandton City, you can enjoy the experience of a local Mozambique market on the sandy main road heading towards the beach. Here you can buy everything from wooden statues to necklaces and brightly colored t-shirts.

4. Taste the cuisine 

Buy fresh fruit and veggies (and of course Tipo Tinto rum for only R50). The best spots to grab some food after lots of shopping, walking and swimming are Kaya Kweru Backpackers which serves great thin-based pizzas. Have a lovely fresh calamari at Bula Bula, washed down with some more Laurentina Clara (perfect combination!). Don’t expect lots of fresh vegetables and fruit in Ponta.

5. Diving 

Ponta is a fantastic diving destination for South Africans. There are around 8 diving centers in Ponta which all offer diving trips for both beginners and advanced divers. Some centers also offer courses from PADI and NAUI, available up to Dive master level. The reefs along the coast are from 12 to 50 meters deep and there is plenty of ocean life to see. It's an absolute must visit!

Check out the luxury accommodations in Ponta do Ouro for an experience of peace and serenity!

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