Pemba - Gateway to Relaxation


Thinking of a home away from commercialization and all that city hassle? Come to Pemba and discover a life in peace. Far away from the noisy fields and the vehicles honking along, find a place right in the lap of nature with a historic surrounding to take you on a journey to the rich culture.

The shores of the sea may feel relaxing and peaceful, while you have an amazing opportunity to get the sea facing houses for sale in Pemba and the absolutely delightful weather to compliment a wonderful stay. Apart from just chilling out on the beaches and relaxing your senses, there are many other things to do for having a pleasant weekend!

Diving and snorkeling- With 425km’s of coastline, Pemba’s biggest attraction are its diving and snorkeling. It’s a fantastic place to see a wide variety of multi-coloured marine life, and while the coral reefs make the beaches tricky to swim off, they make for interesting dives! With diving schools operational in the area, it’s the ideal place to get through your swimming talent. If you’re already a pro, you can opt for a diving safari, and have the experience of the mesmerizing marine life.

Fishing- Sit back and enjoy the gentle sound of the ocean and spend time fishing! The beautiful weather makes the perfect fishing conditions. Catch the fishes like tuna, kingfish, and barracuda. From the beautiful apartments for sale in Pemba, choose the one facing the sea side to have an amazing fishing experience. 

Enjoy the sightseeing experience from expansive ocean vistas to colonial Portuguese Architecture, the sights in Pemba are undoubtedly the most admired and worthy of marking a visit at least once! Another set of excitement are the historical monuments making you go through a journey of past events. Make sure to check out the Slave Trade Fort at Ponta Romero Lighthouse to experience the history of Pemba!

Stay, enjoy and have the best time in Pemba!

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