Mozambique - The Beach Paradise


Mozambique is blessed with a beautiful flora & fauna; the beauty multiplies itself with the alluring beaches of the country. Mozambique's 2,500 km of Indian Ocean coastline is mainly made up of empty, palm-fringed, sandy beaches where luxury hotels and lodges in Mozambique cater for the most discerning traveller.

With the multiple beaches, the country is surrounded by water all over the corners, offering a simply superb lifestyle and exotic hang out locations.

Here are some of the handpicked beaches for triggering the relaxing traveller in you!

1. Inhaca Island

Inhaca island is located just adjacent to Maputo bay, approximately 34 km into the ocean of Maputo Bay. The popular Portuguese islands are located just a short boat trip away for Inhaca. The island is accessible by either a boat or an aircraft. With the availability of selective lodges, it is the most amazing weekend getaway surrounded by wildlife. Some exciting activities like scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking, windsurfing or deep sea fishing makes the experience much more exciting.

2. Tofo Beach

Praia do Tofo is a beach town situated on the eastern coastline of Inhambane, it is just a short drive away from the main city centre. Reaching Tofo beach can be possible through a drive through or flying directly to the airport of Inhambane. The beach is not just popular for the fun filled activities but can also treat the people with some amazing delicacies like peri peri prawns and local beer.

3. Bilene

The relaxing holiday destination Bilene, situated 180km north of Maputo is easily accessible by car. The large uembje salt water lagoon lies along the road which runs parallel to Indian Ocean. The place mainly caters some holiday lodges and the new luxury beach club resort, it seems a perfect holiday destination for the locals as well as the foreign tourists. It also has some traditional restaurants along with the small markets focused on the sale of freshly caught prawns, traditional peri-peri flatbed chicken and a variety of spices and tradable goods.

4. Nacala

Situated along the northern coastline of Mozambique approximately 200km east of Nampula, Nacala is the deepest natural ports of the African Continent and the fast becoming epicentre of modern Mozambique. Just to the South East of Nacala lies Ilha de Moçambique, a few kilometers into the Indian Ocean, at one time the capital of Mozambique and now a World Heritage site.

Mozambique is undoubtedly a superb beach destination offering a wide variety of dishes, hang out places and the must visit destinations!

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