Beginners Guide to Relocation Mozambique


Mozambique is a beautiful destination where two worlds intertwine: African heritage and Portuguese influence. From the unique sense of serenity in a hectic city, Mozambique is becoming a popular destination for relocation. With increasing demands, several options are available including beachfront plots, apartments, holiday homes, and high-end properties to provide comfort and convenience when living in the city.

As the country’s economy booms, the rising market value makes this an appropriate time to buy or invest in rental properties.

Here are few factors that you must know before relocating to the city:

Climate in Mozambique

It has a tropical climate that means you can experience mainly two seasons: rainy and dry season. However, people who are more used to temperate weather may take some time to adjust to the country. The rainy season lasts from October to March and dry season runs from April to September. However, with country’s varying geography, the weather conditions may change depending on where you live in Mozambique. For instance, areas with high altitude, along the coast will have more rains than other areas.

Accommodation in Mozambique

Finding right kind of accommodation in Mozambique can’t be tiresome as you can get an awesome array of accommodations on mainland coast or islands. Also, you can look for Apartments in Mozambique that do not only come with high-tech facilities but makes your stay comfortable during the tenure. However, before moving in, you must check it should be close to all basic amenities like schools, hospitals, petrol stations, and the market as these factors can affect your cost of living.

Getting to Mozambique

When moving to Mozambique, you can take a flight to international airport Maputo, the capital city. Moreover, the country has amazing connectivity with the major ports including Beira, Maputo, Inhambane, and Nacala, located on the Indian Ocean. With comparison to other countries of Africa, Mozambique has multiple transport options thus getting there is easier and convenient.

The country has a lot to offer, from adventure evenings to lively tradition, makes your stay more enjoyable. You can also look Apartments for Rent in Mozambique which can be an affordable option to stay. However, do an online search and investigate the chosen properties before signing the lease, saves you from additional cost incurred in your rent in future.

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