Mozambique - Complete Holiday Paradise


Mozambique, a country rich in history, culture and a house to the most pristine African beaches. Stretching along the sunny coast of Africa, Mozambique displays its beautiful surroundings an unforgettable experience with the flora and fauna.

Holidays in Mozambique is never a second option as the country invites you yearlong! Mozambique has only two seasons, wet and dry. Months from March to November mark the drier and cooler season and December to April are the rainy and humid ones. Though the best time to visit the country is the drier months, the weather stays pleasant throughout the year!

What’s more to this beautiful holiday gateway? Read on to know what’s in store for your next memorable holiday-

Historic Overview 

Mozambique caters an interesting historic chunk, Vasco da Gama dropped anchor just off Mozambican shores in 1498, finding it an ideal spot for trading. Eventually forced out by the locals, Vasco da Gama left the place. While this wasn’t the final goodbye! Portuguese were back in the 16th and 17th century. Colonial rule ran from 1891-1975, with trade in ivory, gold, rubber, and oilseed. An independence struggle erupted in 1964, leading to the departure of the majority of Mozambique’s Portuguese inhabitants. Experience the historic developments and a heritage in the country.

Varied Culture 

Witness the cultural aspect of Mozambique, showcasing a beautiful merge between Portuguese and native culture. You will find around 60 ethnic groups along with many languages in the country. Though the official language remains Portuguese, Mozambique is multi-lingual, indigenous and a country very casual in approach.

Portuguese Inspired Cuisine 

With obvious reasons, Mozambique has a Portuguese inspired cuisine. Especially when you visit the coast to have some amazing seafood rice dishes including Macaza, Bacalhao, and Chocos. Find the best food on the island side. Enjoy the freshly grown and produced coconuts, cashews, peanuts, pao bread, pineapples and the local beer!


Though the country is known for its vast coastline, it has a little room for wildlife too! The country has a rich wildlife and offers exclusivity and remoteness. The national parks in Mozambique are home to elephants, lion, hippo, antelope, and buffalo to name a few. Find birds like flamingo and fish eagle. explore the coastline to experience sea world.

Accommodations in Mozambique 

Planning a long stay? Looking for decent accommodations in Mozambique you must hire villas for a luxury escape to nature or choose the hotels in case you like to have the amenities around. Mozambique has a variety of hotel and villa options to choose.

Dive in the sky of nature’s bliss and experience the unforgettable. 

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