Exploring Ponta do Ouro


Mozambique is a hub to vacation, multiple destinations filled with warm people, incredible wildlife, and stunning nature. While the country is known for its urban culture, you shouldn’t miss the amazing beaches of Vilanculos and the worth visit wildlife of Niassa Reserve. Right across the border from South Africa lies a tiny beach town Ponta do Ouro, get your body dipped in the playground of Ocean and swim your way long.

Though the town isn’t really well known among the international travelers, you won’t find luxury resorts and accommodations in Ponta do Ouro, plenty of restaurants or any lavish tourism arrangements and that’s the reason this place is known for! It’s absolutely raw and unexplored.  The town has put everything to nature and it’s undoubtedly wonderful to be a part!

Stay Free

Being a small town without proper roads to travel, reaching Ponta by normal cars is just next to impossible, you ought to have a jeep or quad to get there. More to your knowledge, Ponta doesn’t have a supermarket, just a single cash machine which only works with VISA cards and during the times of thunderstorm, do not expect electricity!

Facilities are too basic and the reason why you can feel free to just be yourself, all you can get is basic accommodations for Rent in Ponta do Ouro! Imagine a liberty to roam around in a bath gown! Yes, you are allowed to go at the local bars in your bathing gown and pick up your Ponta fav drink!

Surf Around 

Lacking some adventure? Surf in Ponta with the beautiful waves in the endless blue ocean! Get a 1km long ride all the way from the point to the beach, watch the dolphins swimming with you with the least expected tourism population around! Consider the space just yours and enjoy the beauty around!

Underwater Fun

When the surf isn’t working, there’s a great big ocean to discover. Ponta is known for its amazing diving experiences and the variety of sea life you find underneath. There are more than 20 offshore coral reef dive sites with whales, dolphins, mantas, whale sharks, Nemo's, and turtles living their life in this gorgeous underwater world.

Explore the untouched beauty and make your vacation the most memorable time with family and friends! 

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