Special Attractions in Mozambique which shouldn’t be Missed


Heading to Africa? Do not miss the picturesque country along the coast of Africa’s Indian Ocean. Mozambique is the most popular tourist attractions with many beautiful places worth paying a visit. As fascinating as it can be Mozambique is blessed with natural beauty and a glimpse of History in the architecture.

Holidays in Mozambique is always a good idea! Prepare your bucket list for traveling around and gathering some beautiful memories. Listed below are some of the major attractions you wouldn’t like to miss-:

1. Gorongosa National Park 

Enjoy Wildlife in Mozambique at Gorongosa National Park, though the park sits in over 4000km of land centrally located in Mozambique. Experience a diverse habitat which is undoubtedly a spectacular place to mark a visit. Interact with the species of elephants, lions, hippos, crocodiles and over 740 other wildlife rare.

2. Quirimbas Archipelago 

Located in the northern part of the country lies another major tourist attraction in Mozambique. The Quirimbas Archipelago contains a delightful cluster of about 32 islands with Pemba and its gateway. Enjoy the sunset on the beach and the unique culture of the inhabitants.

3. Bazaruto Archipelago 

Right opposite to the resort of Vilanculos, this archipelago is build up with 5 main islands. Being a popular diving destination with a variety of rich marine life, get going with the enormous sand dunes and freshwater lakes of Bazaruto Island.

4. Niassa Game Reserve

Sitting in a huge area of 42,000 square kilometers, the Niassa Game Reserve is the largest protected area in Mozambique and one of the most pristine wilderness areas in entire Africa. Visitors go spell bounded with the enticing landscape, ranging from mountain forests to miombo forests and savanna grasslands.

5. Tofo Beach 

Situated in Inhambane Province, Tofo Beach is definitely a hotspot for young travelers with beautiful stretches of beach, a friendly laid-back atmosphere, variety cuisine restaurants and an entertaining nightlife with day adventures.

Apart from some fascinating places, explore the country better with unexplored accommodations in Mozambique. Rich heritage, visually appealing places, and a laid-back lifestyle welcomes you to your dream holiday destination.

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