Unexplored Beauty of Inhaca Island


A stunning and peaceful oasis mere 30 miles across the bay of Maputo, Inhaca Island is a perfect destination for a weekend break. Easily reachable by plane or ferry Inhaca can serve a rejuvenating break from the mainland.

With multiple options for accommodations in Inhaca Island, experience the ultimate sea life quite near your senses! Inhaca serves as high as a high end 5 star resort, in which you can take a charter plane from Maputo and travel all over! The Island can be a destination for adventurous holidaymakers and bag packers willing to explore and enjoy village life.

Longing for an exotic vacation? Check in to the exquisite resorts in Inhaca Island. Though Inhaca is among the most accessible of Mozambique’s many offshore islands, it is ideally situated to spend some quality time with friends and family. Some luxury resorts situated on the bay offers an erotic view of peace and serenity all together, letting you dive into the marine life. The main tourist attraction in Inhaca Village is a tiny settlement dominated by center crammed with bars.

If you wish to enjoy the sunset on the beach, choose the lodges. Beaches are right in the front with open seating to sit back and enjoy the sun going down in the ocean! The reefs of Inhaca are among the most southerly in Africa and, as the water in the gulf is 5 degrees Celsius warmer than elsewhere in this latitude, this island has also been the center of research for over 50 years. It hosts more than 300 species of birds and more than 150 types of coral life in the surrounding waters.

Ever thought of watching a whale live and getting back home safe? Inhaca island attractions can get you through the journey of whale watching, surfing, and sports fishing. Whale watching is generally between September and November, well, diving isn’t an option here but, you may surely have a lifetime experience.

Every May, the Inhaca challenge brings fishermen from all over the region to compete with each other. Two international sailing challenges start from here, they are- Inhaca Race and the Vasco da Gama Race. It’s adventurous to watch the fishermen spirit completing the challenges with such a contending urge to win

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