Things to do in Mozambique


Peace and tranquillity define Inhaca, an untouched paradise in Mozambique. Every vacay’s dream and some luxurious accommodations in Inhaca Island calls for a relaxing holiday like never before. Let your experience be worthy with some out of the box activities to be done in Mozambique.

Below listed are some entertaining activities to get you through amazing holidays in Inhaca Island along with the country’s most beautiful places to visit-:

1. Explore the Deserted Island

Ever thought for an escape to a deserted island? You would love to know, Mozambique is one of the destination to fulfil your sandy toe dreams. Inhaca is the home to only a few hundred inhabitants who work to preserve the rarest flora and fauna species.

2. History and Culture

Every country has its own history, declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in the early 1990s, the Mozambique Island, is the ideal place to visit for a glimpse of Mozambique’s history and culture. The city of Mozambique is located on the island, it is a former Portuguese trading post on the route to India and once the country’s Capital.

3. Meals to Steal

Hog on to the best seafood and some amazing delicacies including peri-peri chicken, monster prawns with tempting beverages like coffee and area-specific drinks. Maputo’s famous open-air fish markets will get you some fresh prawns, calamari and fishes for raw cooking.

4. Sand Skiing

Mozambique might have been the last place you expected to have fun in the dunes, but it is true. Mozambique’s Bazaruto Archipelago offers spectacularly high sand dunes, making it ideal to go dune boarding or sand skiing.

5. Quirimbas Archipelago

Comprising of 27 coral islands altogether set along the northern coast, Quirimbas Archipelago can be best explored by sailing along the coast. Navigate yourself through the islands and discover the privileged places in the country. 

Enjoy every bit of the country and get an experience worthwhile!

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