5 Reasons to Travel all the way to Inhaca Island


Touching edges to the bay of port Maputo is the beautiful Inhaca Island, an attractive holiday destination for the peace searchers, having absolute laid back lifestyle with a tint of nature’s bliss catering all you need for a relaxing holiday.

Inhaca island is ideal for a quality time with family and friends, though you may not need ample to reasons to take a break from the daily routine, you would surely be interested in knowing what’s special with a vacation in Inhaca Island.

1. Perfect for Relaxation

Appropriate for a laid-back vacation, Inhaca is one of the best picks when you crave for peace and rejuvenation.  Go for a soothing evening walk with the loved ones, spend the evening at the beach enjoying the authentic sea food.

2. Go Fishing 

Many resorts in Inhaca Island offer private fishing space, enjoy the perks of being in a luxury resort or just along the beach side. Fishing can be your spare time action plan.

3. Adventure

 Inhaca is known for adventurous water sports, an ideal destination for divers. Its tropical climate, coral reefs, dolphins and a rich sea bed make it an appropriate place for divers. Water temperature varies between 22 degree Celsius to 30 degree Celsius and a year-round visibility averages at 15m.

4. Scenic Beauty

Spend a day snorkeling, exploring untouched paradise like beaches, visiting the lighthouse at Inhaca. The beautiful sunsets and rejuvenating sunrise are as pure as the dew drops on a flower petal. Some budget accommodations in Inhaca Island can save your pocket and possibly be the reason for an extended stay.

5. Boat rides 

Ever wished for a romantic boat ride and a candle light dinner with your partner? Inhaca can get your wishes turn reality! Go for the boat trips to Portuguese islands and nearby destinations. It could be an absolute treat to the eyes watching the waves crashing by your side and the sun melting its rays down in the ocean.

Visit Inhaca Island and indulge in a pleasant journey of nature. 

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