Mozambique: A Land Where The Nature Smiles


Mozambique, also known as Republic of Mozambique is a country located in the vivacious continent of Africa to its southern hemisphere. The country is renowned for a variety of things but its nature and beauty tops the list.

This pristine nature has made Mozambique a global attraction for people who are bitten by the travel bug as well as for the admirers of serene beauty.

Talking about the tourism of the country, Mozambique has a lot to offer to its tourists. From wildlife to historic heritages and from natural habitats to cultural essence that wraps the visitors in an awe throughout their journey.

The great climate, pristine beaches, and cultural heritage of the country makes it a perfect getaway to relax and connect with the nature.

Here is a brief guide that explains a lot about the beauty and charm of Mozambique :-

1. Maputo : Being the capital of Mozambique, Maputo offers a fine blend of cultural and modern ambience that distinct the city from the other parts of the country. Eminent for its town lined with red acacias and lilac jacaranda trees, Maputo offers a perfect mix of sun kissed beaches and deep blue sea. Another major site of attraction is the natural park of Maputo and the dam of Pequenos Libombos, and the renowned village of Namaacha. The tourists and visitors can visit all these places one at a time while enjoying a marvelous stay in any good accommodation in Mozambique. There are plenty of resorts and hotels to choose from.

2. Inhaca Island : If you want to enjoy the sea adventures, Inhaca Island makes a perfect getaway for the water sports lovers. Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Kayaking, Wind-Surfing, and deep sea fishing are a few activities that tourists can indulge to get a lifetime sea experience. The glorious wind of the island soothes the senses and rejuvenates one’s mind, body, and soul. Located at a distance of mere 34 km from Maputo, you can reach the island by either boat or light aircraft.

3. Bilene : Thanks to the good infrastructure of the country, you can enjoy a great road trip to Bilene as it is located at a distance of 108 km to north from Maputo. With its vast Uembje Salt water lagoon running parallel to the Indian Ocean, the island makes one of the best destination for holidays in Mozambique. The island has plethora of resorts and lavish hotels where you can unwind and relax while enjoying shopping from cultural shops.

4. Tofo Beach : For the love of peri-peri prawns and 2M beer, the small beach is famous for its water sports adventures and delicious food. The various water sports that tourists can indulge in are snorkeling, scuba diving, whale watching, and deep sea fishing. You can reach Tofo Beach through Inhambane.

Mozambique is full of life and adventures, all it needs is the sporty people to explore its magic of nature and mystic lifestyles. There are more places to visit in Mozambique that you can explore in 30-60 days, the maximum duration of visa permitted by the country.

There are various countries whose citizens can explore the Mozambique without visa and the best part is that the country offers immediate visa to tourists having legal and certified proofs including confirmed return tickets, confirmed accommodation, and genuine invites. The immediate and on the spot visas are available only for the tourism and recreation purposes.

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